2017 started off at full speed! With 9 new heritage conservation projects to be completed, and a dozens of new project designs under preparation.

We closed 2016 with a new 3.6 Million Euro grant from the European Commission (thank you!) and completed one of our key confidence building projects: phase 1 of the restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery.

We have started new projects in Paphos and Famagusta and are now ready to move to the Karpasia/Karpaz region.  Bi-communal teams of archaeologists, architects and engineers amongst others have already started to work together to protect more of their shared heritage. 

Are you up to date with all the changes?

Here are some of our latest achievements and upcoming events!

Happy reading!

Tiziana Zennaro
UNDP Senior Programme Manager & The UNDP Team!

WATCH: Apostolos Andreas Monastery - A symbol of Peace (Video)

Archangelos Michael Church: What do the people say?

What's new?


March 2017 -UNDP Women's Film Week

April 2017 -International Day of Monuments and Sites

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Subject ITB: Conservation Works at the three churches at Famagusta - UNDP - CYPRUS (Deadline - 07-Mar-17)

RFQ - Project design for the conservation intervention of the Turkish Cypriot School in Kotsiatis/Koccat - Cyprus - CYPRUS (Deadline - 16-Mar-17)

RFQ: Project designs for the conservation intervention of three sites located in the northern part of Cyprus - UNDP - CYPRUS (Deadline - 23-Mar-17)

Project Associate (Deadline - 10-Mar-17)

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